30th anniversary

On June 15, 2024, Warminia will celebrate its 30th anniversary with the Pride Bielefeld. As part of a combined tournament in the badminton and volleyball departments as well as workshops and an open day, we invite to queer sporting activities in Bielefeld, where everyone is welcome to take part or watch and cheer. In the evening there is the Pride anniversary party in the forum.

The registration is open

LGBTIQ* - Enjoying Sports Together

This is the motto that characterises our queer club. You can choose between performance-orientated training with participation in (queer) tournaments at home and abroad or training just for fun – whatever you prefer. In any case, the social aspect is not neglected either.
In addition to the sporting activities in the individual disciplines (badminton, basketball, fitness, weight training, barbell training, soccer (futsal), swimming, dancing, volleyball, beach volleyball, yoga), we offer other interesting activities such as a games club, field trips, (cycle) hiking, bowling, canoeing and various workshops or courses. We are also quite open to new suggestions. We are happy to help organise them and, if they are well received, we can include them in our permanent programme. This means that everyone has the opportunity to realise their own ideas and provide impulses for the queer community in East Westphalia.
Warminia was founded in 1994, has grown steadily over the years and currently has around 170 members. We are a member of the Westphalian Swimming Association, the German Swimming Association (DSV), the City Sports Association, the State Sports Association, the Soccer and Athletics Association and the German Association for Equality Dance Sport (DVET).
Up-to-date information is available here on our website and via Instagram or Facebook. Of course, you will get the best impression during a free trial training session. We also like to invite queer refugees and friends. Most of our trainers and club-members can give trainingsadvices in English for enjoying sports together.

Joining the Club

Joining Warminia is quite easy. You can simply try out the sports that you are interested in. Go along and see if you would like to join our teams. Each instructor has membership declarations ready if you want to stay and is able to help you filling it. You can download the declaration of membership here as a PDF file or simply fill it out online. (Acrobat Reader is required for viewing and printing).
As a club member, all disciplines and activities are open to you! There is only a maximum membership fee for the main department. Dancing, Yoga and Aikido are subject to a special fee due to additional costs. An additional contribution can be paid voluntarily by registration as well as a regular donation.

Current certificates for discounted prices must be submitted unsolicited by 1st December or 1st June. Without valid proof, the normal membership fee is due. The admission fee and membership fee are collected by Sepa direct debit mandate. The cancellation period is 1 month before the end of each quarter. Cancellation must be made in written form.
Information for our members (and candidates):
Due to the high administrative effort involved, the membership fee are not debited monthly, but every six months. This is also mentioned on the application form.

• The one-off admission fee is €9.00.
• The monthly membership fee is €11.00.
• An extended membership fee of €13.00 can be paid voluntarily.
• The fee for the dance, yoga or aikido sections is €15.00.
• The reduced Warminia membership fee is only €9.00 for trainees, students, people doing a voluntary social service year etc., the unemployed, welfare recipients, pensioners and the severely disabled.
• Our youngster membership U26 for up to 25 year olds costs €5.00 per month.

Trans, inter, non-binary+ at Warminia

Warminia defines itself as a queer sports club. Although the club was founded in 1994 as a gay and lesbian sports club, today it is a club for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We explicitly include trans*, inter* and non-binary+ people .
We are aware that sport is a patriarchal, heteronormative system that has barriers for TIN* people. We are also aware that TIN* people in particular, who potentially experience multiple discrimination – for example through ableism, racism or classism – are a particularly vulnerable group in sport.
We want to oppose this as far as we can and promote (gender) inclusive sport.
We encourage TIN* people to take part in our programmes as athletes and support them when filling coaching positions and functional roles such as the board.
We ensure that our organisation’s facilities and rooms are accessible for TIN* people. To this end, it is important for us to work together to find solutions for (individual) needs – e.g. with regard to changing room and shower options. Corresponding needs can be communicated to the TIN* representative, who will act on your behalf.
We are currently in the process of revising the language used in our communication/documents in order to address all genders equally and to sensitise our coaches to the gender diversity of our participants.
Despite all our efforts, TIN* people may still experience gender-based discrimination in our setting. If such incidents are observed or experienced, they can be reported to the TIN* representative. A dedicated warning and protection concept for discrimination and violence in our organisation is currently being developed.

You can contact the TIN* representative Ru (they/them) via: tin(@)warminia .de

Club life

In addition to the regular sports programme, we offer a colourful mix of courses and leisure activities. Of course, we are represented at the Bielefeld CSD every year. We also organise leisure activities such as hiking, cycling or canoeing tours in the surrounding area of Bielefeld, barbecues in the summer and sometimes parties and culinary Winter/Christmas parties. Non-members and friends are always welcome to attend these events, as well as to the game nights. No sports without fun and socialising! There are groups that go out for a drink together after training or meet up privately. If there’s something to celebrate, we’re always happy to join in. Whether at CSD parties or in queer clubs, you can turn night into day with us and dance your feet off.
In addition to our own tournaments, match days and championships, a special highlight are the many multisport events at home and abroad, the big colourful games (Gay Games, EuroGames) of the LGBTIQ* community, where you can compete in sports, meet new people and make friends. If you like, you can get around Germany or Europe, get to know the world and combine sport and exercise with travelling and culture.